Exalted Terrestrials: The Jade Cauldron


Matani's Diary (Session 2)

Apparently Tes though it would be a great idea to introduce himself to the people on our floor after we where shown to the “dorms.” Literally everyone here has committed some sort heinous act, so I feel like maybe a little wariness might have been warranted… and yes, I know that this might be a little hypocritical given that I am included in this group. Regardless, I made sure to keep an eye on the boy since somebody has to if he is going to put himself out there like that, and at least I got a chance to size up our floormates.
Ledaal Giselo: Apparently the youngest cousin of a Dynast family. Has “MATRICIDE” on a plaque on his door, which is off putting but I’m right next door with “PATRICIDE” and “DIECIDE.” He seems kindly, literally handing Tes some baked goods and giving a warning about the two cousins in his teams. I think he might be that teams “Tes.”
#10 Crow: This kids is a bit creepy and I can’t get a bead on them. Like, crazy person voice, darting eyes but odd fluid movements, and super earnest. Seems to like Tes and the feeling is reciprocated… which means I have to keep an eye on the situation. Wild card. The plaque on the door reads “PRISON ESCAPE, MURDER,” so there is absolutely a story there. Probably a sad, messed up one.
Wanasaan Basimo: He’d be kinda cute if he wasn’t so brooding and stand-offish. His plaque reads “FORBIDDEN SORCERY,” so there is power there of some sort. Definitely going to keep an eye on him but my instincts tell me he is less of a threat than first glances might imply.
Heady Monsoon: Okay, so this girl is hot but gives off real mean bitch energy, which is concerning considering her door plaque is basically a list: INSURRECTION, HERESY, MURDER, BANDITRY, ETC. There is definitely something going on with Reno when he’s around her, which is odd given that she obviously doesn’t recognize him. I’m willing to bet she is the leader of her group, so I think it will be in my best interest to maintain friendly or at least positive relations with her. But I don’t think I could trust her, at least for now.
I think Reno might have gone to the base floor and harassed the staff… not sure if that is a great idea. Starting to get the sense that he’s lived a sheltered and privileged life, even by my standards. I’m worried that this whole deal is going to be hard on him. I’m also wondering how Tes ended up so different given they are from the same family? Is it just that his head always seems in the clouds?
Mr. Vanilethkin took us to eat after we were done at the dorms and I am a little surprised how good hell piggy can taste. More importantly, we each met with the dean… which I am a little conflicted about. He told me that the purpose of this place is to given everyone a second chance but that can’t be the only thing going on. Why would this place need to be so elaborate and obviously hidden? And it obviously isn’t Dynastic or Prasadi cause there are all kinds of people here. Something else is going on but I have no clue right now. And he offered me pretty much exactly what I wanted, even said I could return home as an ambassador for some dynastic house. It all seems to perfect to trust. Not that I have much of an option right now, so I guess well have to wait and see.


Teleute Teleute

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