Shanana Reno Dosh

Introverted, Loyal, Spear Wielder. Novice Sorcerer (charms like 8th Son anime air spells x Sanemi Shinazugawa of Kimetsu no Yaiba)



5 Air: Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth and Thrown
4 Fire: Athletics, Dodge, Melee (Air Bending), Presence and Socialize.
3 Water: Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts, Sail
3 Earth: Awareness, Craft, Integrity (Loyal), Resistance and War
3 Wood: Medicine, Ride, Survival, Archery and Performance
*Specialties. Air Bending and Loyal

Air: One mote doubles movement successes and provides Cold Immunity for a scene

Permanent Essence (Terrestrials 3)

Essence Pool: Terrestrials = (Permanent Essence x 2) = 6 + 2 Breeding = 8

Charms, Fighting Styles, and Sorcery: 6 for Terrestrials
-Terrestrial Circle [Summoning Terrestrial: Rank (Power) 2 Extra, Air Katas]
-Melee (Supernatural): Telekinetic Power Spear
-Athletics (Paced): Jetstream Falcon Sprint
-Athletics (Supernatural): Thousand Steps of the Graceful Zephyr (airwalking)
-Dodge (Excellent): Adjourning to the Salon of Winds
-Resistance (Excellent): Super-dynamic Cyclonic Shielding
-Awareness (Supernatural): Taste of the Wind (air-based radar with taste)
-Linguistics (Supernatural): Inaudible Dragon’s Growl
-Linguistics (Supernatural): Words on the Wind Have wind itself carry your message in the form of a whisper, bypassing (Linguistics/2) penalties a message would normally encounter.
-Linguistics (Paced) Swift Tongue Fleetness: Decreases the time needed for an extended linguistic social combat action by (stealth/2) turns or decreases the time required of a narrative linguistic action by (stealth/2) steps.

Backgrounds: 6 for Terrestrials
3pts Artifact +2 dmg Airspear , reduce mobility penalty by 1 (1m to activate, folds into a pocket, empty socket): Dawn’s Mist, The Ender of Lover’s Sorrows
3pts Breeding

Primary Virtue: Valor Flaw: Subservient to his family

Epic Motivation : Win the right to marry Mnemon Mela
Intimacies: Mnemon Mela, His honor, Tes

Starting equipment:
Light Armor (Chain Shirt): Soak +1
Flashy Medallion Necklace
High-quality travelling clothes

PDV = (Dodge/2) = 2
MDV = (Essence + Integrity)/2 = 3+1 = 4
• Soak = (Resistance/2) = 2/2 = 1

Health Levels: 0, -1, -1, -3, -3, Taken Out.
• Terrestrials = +2 Health Levels per Charm (Ox Body)

Experience points, using the following: Current XP: 1XP

  • Raise Trait = (new rating) points
  • Acquire Backgrounds = 2 points/level
  • New Charm = 3 points
  • Sorcerous Initiation to a New Circle = 3 points
  • New Intimacy = 1 point
  • Permanent Essence = (new rating x 2) points

“Oh dang! You done zoomed ahead! I haven’t even proposed the “homework xp” idea to Steven yet. Take your homework xp (exclusively for non-combat and non-sorcery charms). In Dumbledore voice 26 (-9) points to House Reno! That is eight freaking charms!
Also, it is entirely reasonable for Reno to think he’s at the Stairs. He is not at the Stairs."


Was romantically involved with Mnemon Mela (granddaughter of the Empress and one of the youngest daughters of Mnemon, the foremost heir to the throne) and refused to back away when instructed. Reno was a flamboyant, empty-headed jock who assumed everything was his (despite coming from a low family). As a result of being caught, Reno has been doing a huge amount of self-reflection and has become somewhat introverted.


[.[Sanemi Shinazugawa, Kimetsu no Yaiba Wind Breathing].]

Anima Flux: When a Terrestrial’s anima flares at the totemic (expending 5+ motes) level, they are surrounded by a nimbus of elemental force matching their Aspect. This inflicts touch-range Environmental Damage of 1 Wound/turn for the remainder if the scene
  • Reinforcement: Once per scene, a Terrestrial may expend one mote to harmonize his anima with those of up to (Essence/2) Terrestrial allies, allowing him to utilize the Charms of these allies as if they were his own.
  • Elemental Aura: For an extra mote, Terrestrials can utilize the elements with charms or combos. For example, instead of physically grappling an opponent, an Exalt may use the wind itself or the branches of a tree. This adds the effect of a generic charms such as Reaching or Multiple, chosen at the activation of the Aura. The Exalt needn’t know the generic charm. However, this ability can only be used with continuous use of charms from the same ability or abilities with specialties. It is available upon the second qualified charm use and deactivates if any charms of other abilities or non-specialty abilities are used. Lastly, the element used is chosen when the Elemental Aura is activated and cannot be changed until deactivated. Once the Exalt’s anime flare reaches level four, only the Exalt’s Aspect element may be utilized.
All Terrestrials may discern the directions of the elemental poles or perform minor parlor tricks using control of the elements for one mote. Example parlor tricks include starting kindling, cooling themselves with a breeze, or stirring a pot.


Difficulty: -1 per Complication (-5 Max)
Minimum: Exalts always roll at least 1 die
Stunts: +1 for cool description, success regains 1M
Success: 4s and 5s are 1 success, 6s are two

Initiative: Roll Awareness
Move: move 1 Range Level and act, or roll Athletics to move 1/success, or roll Ride to move and act
Attack: Roll Ability + Damage – PDV – Soak
Success: inflicts 1 Wound per success
Failure: grants +1 to defender’s next roll
Healing: 1 Wound/Day, roll Medicine – WP for +1

Initiative: Roll Awareness
Attack: Roll Ability – MDV (+/-1 per Intimacy, Virtue)
Success: Compel Behavior or add/remove an Intimacy
Failure: grants +1 to defender’s next roll
Essence: 1M negates an attack (no bonus), Jaded after 2M
Motivation: adds +/-3 to MDV when appropriate

Only 1 charm per action/defense without a Combo

Excellent:1M adds (Ability/2) bonus dice or defence by half its regular value.
Resurgent: 1M, roll an extra die for each 6 in original pool.
Supernatural: 1M ignores (Ability/2) obstacles.
Multiple: 1M multiplies #̀of targets by (Ability/2)
Paced: 1M extends/speeds/delays by (Ability/2) steps Instant – Turn – Minute – Hour/Scene – Day – Month – Year
Reaching: 1M shifts range by (Ability/2) steps Touch – Short – Medium – Long – Far – Sight

Combos: +1M allows multiple charms per action, but only 1M can be spent per charm
Resistance: +1 Health per Resistance charm
Sorcery: cannot benefit from charms

Essence Score x 2 = Available Motes
Regain 1/hour when Not Fighting or 2/hour Resting

Shaping: Spend Cost and Shaping actions
Casting: Attack spells roll Occult + Power
Elements: 4 Elements determine spell’s Cost
Defense: PDV is 0 for Shaping, normal for Casting

0M +1M +2M +3M

Power 0 2 4 6
Range Touch Sight Region Anywhere
Scope 1/Object 50/House 500/Town 5000/City
Time Instant Hour Year Permanent

Ritual Essence can be pooled with a specialized ritual over a minimum of 3 turns.
Ritual Essence pool is equal to base mote pool.
Unpurchased spells can be cast using Ritual Essence. Instructions are required though.
Effects that are outside of the usual realm of a Branch of Magic double Shaping costs

Shanana Reno Dosh

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