Shanana Reno Dosh

Introverted, Loyal, Spear Wielder. Novice Sorcerer (charms like 8th Son anime air spells x Sanemi Shinazugawa of Kimetsu no Yaiba)


“For latter, John, 5 extra charms based on the podcast you listened to.”


PDF Link:!ApZ1am-MZ_o0ol4etRoiy-R1qfj5


New Charms:
Graceful Crane Stance
Lightning Speed: Racing Hare Method (Upgrade, Athletics 4, Essence 2)
Monkey Leap: Soaring Crane Leap (Upgrade, Athletics 4, Essence 2)
Arsenal-Summoning Gesture
Body Mending Meditation


Was romantically involved with Mnemon Mela (granddaughter of the Empress and one of the youngest daughters of Mnemon, the foremost heir to the throne) and refused to back away when instructed. Reno was a flamboyant, empty-headed jock who assumed everything was his (despite coming from a low family). As a result of being caught, Reno has been doing a huge amount of self-reflection and has become somewhat introverted.


[.[Sanemi Shinazugawa, Kimetsu no Yaiba Wind Breathing].]

Many Exalted liken the feeling of restoring Essence to “catching your breath,” and call the process Essence respiration.
Characters recover one mote at the end of any combat scene
and one at the start of every non-combat scene.
If characters spend some downtime resting and relaxing between scenes, they recover half their motes round up.
A full night’s rest restores all her motes.

Shanana Reno Dosh

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