Shanana Tes

Clueless, Curse-granting, Concert Caster



Tes Starting Sheet

*Anima Flux: *
When a Terrestrial’s anima flares at the totemic (expending 5+ motes) level, they are surrounded by a nimbus of elemental force matching their Aspect. This inflicts touch-range Environmental Damage of 1 Wound/turn for the remainder if the scene.

The Terrestrial Exalted draw their might from brotherhood and shared tribulation, reflecting the natures of the Five Elemental Dragons. Once per scene, a Terrestrial may expend one mote to harmonize his anima with those of up to (Essence/2) Terrestrial allies, allowing him to utilize the Charms of these allies as if they were his own.

Elemental Aura:
For an extra mote, Terrestrials can utilize the elements with charms or combos. For example, instead of physically grappling an opponent, an Exalt may use the wind itself or the branches of a tree. This adds the effect of a generic charms such as Reaching or Multiple, chosen at the activation of the Aura. The Exalt needn’t know the generic charm. However, this ability can only be used with continuous use of charms from the same ability or abilities with specialties. It is available upon the second qualified charm use and deactivates if any charms of other abilities or non-specialty abilities are used. Lastly, the element used is chosen when the Elemental Aura is activated and cannot be changed until deactivated. Once the Exalt’s anime flare reaches level four, only the Exalt’s Aspect element may be utilized.

7. Choose Charms, Fighting Styles, and Sorcery: 6 for Terrestrials
Terrestrial Circle
[Free spell] Every moment you live is a moment waiting for regret. [Illusion]: (4 mote activation – 1 target, in sight, weeks duration) The target will see hallucinations of every regret they’ve ever had. These illusions can be of the dead, to internal struggles of guilt projected outward, and of course, themselves, speaking truths they would rather not hear.

This space exists only for two people to meet in this night : (6 mote activation – Up to 50 targets, in sight, instant duration, instant.) Up to the maximum number of targets (including the caster) have their positions forcibly swapped.
*Shadowland Circle

[Free Spell] Under the earth, beyond the shadows, lies the void * (5 mote activation – Up to 50 targets, in sight, hours of duration, 1 turn) * Spirits of the dead take over the targets shadows, animating them and giving them form. Each shadow will target only the creature projecting it, and will attempt to inhibit and harm the targets for as long as the spell is active.
Summoning Magic
There is always a grudge that must be resolved.: [Summoning spirits of the dead] 1 mote activation? Power 2
Counter Magic
[1 pt] A single crack leads to an ever-widening chasm. (3 motes)

Endless Fountain of Wonders (Multiple): The Exalt may react to an attack by utilizing a prepared spell. The Exalt may hold (Occult/2) spells but the mote cost of all spells must be held in reserve and are not usable for other charms or spells until the prepared spells are used or discarded.
Terrestrial Circle
Shadowland Circle


He wanted to be a performer.

It just turned out that his performance drew eyes beyond what one might expect. He played music, and he danced, and he drew the gaze of people who were his betters, but also those who were beneath him. Not that he minded, he didn’t care who he played for, so long as he got to play.

A master(?) found him and was enthralled by both his song and his potential for magic, and when they came to meet him, they introduced him to the concept of singing to the universe. It was the ultimate performance… music and dance so compelling as to move the world itself. He was inducted into magic much like everything else, by playing. He was taken to a small clearing, and while he played, he was joined by the master. As they played together, the universe joined in and the song they shared has never stopped playing in his mind.

Butterflies and fireflies alighted to his song, weaving a tapestry that he passed through. Moving through the surface into the realm of magic.

(His ritual involves playing music for the universe. Of course. The same entrancing song.)

It became a new obsession. One that kept him sequestered – each time he touched the notes that seemed to be the building blocks of the world, he became more infatuated. Going further, faster, than he had any right to.

It was only two years after he began his sorcerous understanding that he discovered the Hall. It was like a concert hall amidst a graveyard. The acoustics were incredible, and the skeletons would just be willing listeners. He didn’t know he would disturb their rest. Coax them and the spirits locked away here to dance. Touching the antithesis of sorcery – the layer of magic that made up the void? He heard new song play in his mind, one dissonant with the world he knew but resonating with something darker.

Well. He was never one to turn away from an audience, and so he began to play there regularly, suffusing himself in the darkness of the void.

(His ritual involves playing music for the dead – usually he needs an actual skull, and he keeps one with his things.)

Shanana Tes

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